Interactive Games

Over 400+ games that are designed in a playful way to help the student understand the course of the day through consolidation games (mainly A grade). There is the possibility for parents to participate directly through the consolidation exercises (especially periods of evaluations) in their child's school reading, without much stress and with the guidance of Gnositexnia.

Interactive activities help students work through our games individually. The games are structured in way that, if the student makes a mistake, they motivate him to correct it and if his answer is correct, they led him to the next exercise. So they activate student learning in a playful way.

For the teacher it is a rich educational material which he can utilize in the classroom as a visual medium.

The games can be used in tablets and computers.

Activities - exercises are in the class of each course (eg Greek - A class) with the section title of the school textbook (eg our Companionship) and they have the title of school lesson (p. x. Where is Aris?). So our users can easily recognize the lesson of their schoolday.

Free Games