Gnositexnia at School

A number of useful visual and supplementary material for the Kindergarten (Topics, Mathematics, Science, Pre-writing and Pre-reading exercises, which comprise the Alphabet) and for the Primary School the subjects Greek, Mathematics and a number of environmental issues, based on school textbooks the Ministry of Education..

The whole educational Material of Gnositexnia is based on the school textbooks and it is approved as a teaching medium by the Ministry of Education.

The Educational Material offers the opportunity to the teachers to display our material in any technological mean available to the school (projector, computer, interactive whiteboard, etc.).

The teacher has access through the sunscription he will acquire to the Gnositexnia educational material, comprising:

  • Small length Documentaries (150 videos)
  • Interactive Games (400 games)
  • Worksheets (over 4000)
  • Action Plans (on environmental issues)
  • Sign images (in all nursey school topics), etc.