Gnositexnia at Home

The technology is to make our life easier and help us generally on the quality of our lives. The technology in education is the Knowledge search tool.

Through Gnositexnia the parent can for first time to have such an active role with his child in the learning process, as he can find the material which he needs to prepare his child in the course of the day or the month evaluation. He can also find Practice booklets into the Day Course (Greek and Mathematics) or evaluation. The worksheets are able both to be printed (pdf), and to be resolved in our page from a TABLET or a PC.

The whole material is based on school textbooks and so is easy to use.

Through this material a parent can repeat the course of the day, if given the opportunity of explanation the school lesson through our educational material.

Children learn by playing. But they also learn by the "classic way". Gnositexnia "marries" these two. The child in fact has the "classic" book to study and uses technology in combination.

Gnositexnia gives to the student a material for the knowledge understanding in a playful manner.

Alongside the games (especially in the first classes of primary school) give the ability of consolidation of school lesson.